News as at 23 May 2011

A walkthrough for Emily the Strange : Strangerous DS is being posted

Professor Layton fans may find puzzles such as 15 A Puzzle for a Puzzle interesting and puzzles such as 44 Jury Rig strangely familiar

Requests for solutions or objectives can be made by visiting live help

Help Wanted

Testing indicates a possible bug and players who do not receive the Square Pusher 2 Sticker using the fourteen step solution provided for 17 Free Mystery are asked to make contact

Players who have received missable stickers such as Showtime, Cookie Monster and Data Collector are asked to make contact

Players wanting to share ideas on how to collect all of the stickers are asked to make contact

Players who come across any reference to any of the four cats' birthdays are asked to make contact

Players using a DSi are asked to confirm the puzzles behind the door

The best time for European players to make live contact is either very early or very late in the day, otherwise messages can be left

Some Recent Updates

'Find equipment to build a trap' objective added by request

'Go to biology class' objective added by request

'Find the way to school' objective added by request

'Get rid of Kunibert' objective added by request

High Striker fair attraction added

The various dot pattern passwords for the OddISee have been added

A 28 step solution for 72 Cloud Eight has been added by request

The locations of all ten bombs have been added

The requirement for the Puzzle Wizard Sticker has been added

The location of the rope has been added by request

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